Davide Sgorlon's "Crossover" is a truly remarkable collection of contemporary acoustic guitar compositions. Although this is Sgorlon's first offering, the guitarist has written music for various plays, documentaries and films, as well as performing at festivals throughout Italy and Spain. There is a cinematic quality to Sgorlon's music taking the listener on introspective and expansive musical sojourns. He is a true multi-instrumentalist playing acoustic and baritone guitars, mandolin, oud, and fretless bass throughout the release. The guitarist also effectively uses electronic effects and innovative techniques to create and perform his beautifully conceived compositions. While Sgorlon is an extremely virtuosic guitarist, he never lets his immense musical talent get in the way of his sonorous creations. On the opening "Velocity" lush arpeggiated chords are followed by cascading two handed tapping motifs, setting the stage for a recording that never lets up on melodic, musical, and inventive playing. "Diaz 2001 Don't Forget" begins with percussive tapping flanked by flawlessly executed "hammer ons" and ends with Middle Eastern sounding overtures played on the oud. His pensive and reflective reading of Deep Purple's bittersweet anthem "Sometimes I feel like Screaming" is a true standout in an album of many standouts. On "First Run" Sgorlon creates beautifully conceived legato lines flowing seamlessly into circular tapping ideas, followed by intricate melodic finger-style chord playing. Imagine taking the creative essence of Michael Hedges, Adrian Legg, and Ralph Towner and fusing them into a unique and innovative voice. Then one would come close to the magical and alluring style of Davide Sgorlon. On the title track "Crossover" the leader is joined by Giorgio Li Calzi on synth and flugelhorn and Enzo Zirilli on drums and percussion. Together the ensemble weaves intricate and expressive thematic imagery, into a rich cohesive musical montage. The album is pristinely recorded capturing every nuance of the guitarist's extraordinary playing. "Crossover" is a triumphant premiere recording. This is twenty-first century contemporary music done at the very highest level imaginable and is highly recommended for all listeners of acoustic music.  © James Scott /  Minor 7th